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Can a MF733cdw connect to a 5 ghz router?


I have a Netgear dual band combo unit / router, C7800 v2.   


On my Windows 10 laptop, the 2.4 and 5 ghz networks show individually.


My 5 ghz speed is over 300 mbps.  My 2.4 ghz speed is 30-40 mbps.


So I want to use 5 ghz.


My MF733cdw does not show the 5 ghz network.   So for now I have to either run a slow laptop or switch network connection if I want to print or scan from my wireless laptop.


Is there a a way to make the MF733cdw recognize and use the 5 ghz network?      



I have the same problem with an MF8380cdw.  Apparently, it is unable to connect to the 5GHz channel.  Waiting for a response from Canon.  My other Canon printer, a Pixma MG5320, attaches to the 2.3GHz channel, but will print from devices on the 5GHz channel.  Can't figure out what the diffeence is.


I really wish someone from Canon would reply to this.   


I read through the documentation and can find nothing saying the network bandwidth is restricted.

Just posting the results of a workaround test.  Connected a mesh network extender to my wireless LAN, and then ran an ethernet cable to my MF8380cdw (similar device).  It will now print from devices connected to either channel of my LAN router.  But I agree, this is something Canon should be addressing.

Interesting.  I can't see my MF733cdw today, but wonder if it has an ethernet connection on it?  Does your MF8383cdw?  Or is there some kind of adapter?   With the printer/scanner connected by ethernet, does it just print from any network on the router?

Yes, the MF8380 has an ethernet port, along with a USB, so it did not require an adapter.

I would expect any MF Image Class would have an ethernet port, but not certain.

Hello Kbmoose,


The MF733Cdw is unable to use to a 5ghz wifi connection. It does have have an ethernet port that you can use to connect the printer to your network. If you are connected via ethernet, your devices on 2.4 and on 5 should see the printer. Most routers will allow for a connection between devices if one is on 2.4 and the other is on 5. If your computer can't reach devices on the other network connection, I would suggest checking with the company that makes the router to check your network settings.