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Printer not aligning and no option to do it manually for alignment [Canon MG3620]

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Printer model Canon MG3620


This is what I do when I try to align the printer as instructed By Canon.


1 - Hold the stop button and wait for the warning indicator to flash four times and wait for a alignment sheet to print.

2 - Place the printed sheet on the scanner and press the start button to scan. for it to align the printer.


It didn't work. I also did it using the software in my computer and there were no option for me to do it manually to align it.


This is the printed alignment sheets as you can see it is perfectly aligned. Now this is a copy of the printed alignment sheets as you can see it is completely misaligned and printing text pages end in the same result.


The thing is the printer can print correctly when it is printing the instructed alignment sheets but when it is to print scan copy or a printed computer document is misaligned.


I suspect software because it doesn't make sense that the printer itself can print it properly.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can fix this?

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Re: Printer not aligning and no option to do it manually for alignment [Canon MG3600]



Troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

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Printer not aligning and no option to do it manually for alignment [Canon MG3610]

I figured this solution myself. apparently Cannon remove the ability to align the printer yourself manually in the software especially if you have a printer and scanner combination.


My problem was suspicious as when I print from the computer or a copy from the printer scanner it is misaligned. the thing is the printer alignment sheet print was perfectly fine (this is the print sheet that you put on top of your scanner to align your printer)


The key factor is my printer only have black ink and my color ink is empty. and I wasn't aware that that would have been a problem with the alignment for the printer.


Due to the fact that you no longer have the option in the software to align manually the printer yourself. the printer cannot properly align without the color cartridge and black cartridge together.


I have never encountered this problem in older model of Canon and Epson printers. Also the canon website and the printer user manual itself have no mention of this being problematic.


In short if you have the same problem as me and cannot figure out what is the problem and why your alignment sheets is fine but when you print is not. it's either missing color or black.


Canon if you're reading this put back the manual option in your software for your customer to be able to align the printer manually. as many of us just use black for office work or for simple photocopies.


When I go back to France I will file a complaint about this as this is clearly forcing the consumer to the point of confusion that they might have to throw their printer away or forced to buy a additional cartridge that was not necessary before.

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