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MG6821 PGBK Print Nozzle Problem

I have a one month new MG6821 printer. The printer works fine in the beginning, until today all black printouts have double lines. I ran print head clean and deep clean, doesn't help. I have also ran print nozzle check pattern, please see below photo. Does anything know whats going on?


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Re: MG6821 PGBK Print Nozzle Problem

I have the same problem on my MG7150 which is a few years old now.

My page count is up to 8401-8450.

I suspect this is a fault with the PGI part of the print head.

My printer is well outside warranty so was about to bin it and buy a new one but I have found a workaround.

It only affects the PGI black which is the normal black used for text.

I have set my print preferences to always print in 'Photo' mode by default.

My prints are now all fine.

OK I know I have just bypassed the PGI tank but this is OK for me as my prints are now sharp.

I also refill my cartridges and for a while now I have put dye based ink into both black tanks anyway.

I did originally refill the PGI tank with pigment black but stopped buying two types of black for convenience a while back and I really can't tell the difference anyway.

With your printer being so young, I would just return it (I suspect you already have!!).


I thought the problem may be a print head indexing problem but since my printer is fine now I have set it to 'Photo' only, I suspect it is a fault with the nozzle timing for the PGI part of the print head. I suspect a new print head will be as much as a new printer so I will run my printer in 'Photo' mode and see how long it lasts.

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Re: MG6821 PGBK Print Nozzle Problem



Troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the causes of your issues. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

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Re: MG6821 PGBK Print Nozzle Problem

I am having exactly same issue.  I have seen enough posts around internet with same PGBK print head issue across the Canon range of printers, so I am fairlz y certain this is not an isolated problem to one model. .  I tried cleaning and deep cleaning the print head but that failed to resolve issue.  I tried removing print head and cleaning with Windex... that improved print quality slightly but did not solve the issue with the PGBK print head.  I made a hard reset of the printer to see if that helped... no improvement.   In the end I now decided to set the default print for Glossy Paper to trick the printer into photo printing and bypassing the PGBK cartridge.  The print quality is really fantastic but I am not solving the issue with the PGBK print head.. This is my second Canon printer its 3 yrs old the first one lasted 5 yrs.  I am not sure if its a built in failure mode but I am not impressed.  I am reading stories that Canon have a built in failure if the printer detects aftermarket inks (which I do) .. thats seems to be a growing urban myth however I see no reason why good quality aftermarket inks should have a problem and I have used good quality aftermarket inks since I purchased the printer.. so why fail after 3 yrs.


I am not sure if it is worth to replace the print head...  I am not sure if it will fix the problem.   I would certainly welcome any advice from Canon representative.  If I replace the print head am I throwing good money down the drain??

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