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Re: Error Code B200

So, it was a problem again a week later. I think that since this error comes up somewhat randomly - I thought I had fixed it. I did try re-seating the print head, cleaning it, etc... no luck. I think the print head is just bad, although that does not absolve Canon from very poor software design and the ambiguous error messages. In my opinion that could have been fixed by a firmware update long ago. I will try the replacement print head from ebay that was linked below.
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Re: Error Code B200

070919, I called 1 800 652 2666 and was connected to folks who said, with the B200 error code there is no fix online, on the phone nor even no place to ship it in to be fixed. There is a discount program to upgrade to a newer Cannon printer, the discount was 10% off, my B200 error code was on a Pixma MX870 I bougjt 100210 and the equivalent printer is a PTR 8520 and the discounted price is $89.99 plus tax is $95.39. About the same price as a new print head from Cannon for the MX870. We'll see how long and well this new printer works. 

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Re: Error Code B200

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Hopefully this helps anyone with a B200 error. I have a Pro-10 that started flashing alternating between the power and fault LEDs, 10 times per LED per sequence. Totally unresponsive to anything I did, has all Canon pigment installed and only Canon pigment has ever been installed. Tried unplugging power, restarting numerous times, nothing. I even tried someone's suggestion to unplug power, hold power button 30 seconds, reconnect AC power, still didn't work.

Here's what solved it for me-

I unplugged the unit, held the power button down for at least 30 seconds (was probably about a minute), while STILL HOLDING THE POWER BUTTON DOWN plugged the unit back in and kept holding the power button down for at least another 30 seconds (while doing this the power LED was solid white the entire time) then while still holding down the power button also pressed and held the feed button for at least another 30 seconds (holding down both). Upon releasing the two buttons the printer appeared to be off (another time I performed this for a customer on his Pro-10, upon releasing the two buttons the amber feel light was on solid and it worked that time as well).

I then unplugged the power, plugged back in, turned the printer back on and, lo and behold, it started up and performed a lengthy self clean cycle and functioned as normal.

Hope this helps someone, may work on the Pro-100, Pro-9000, Pro-9500  and perhaps other Canon pronters as well.
To recap, unplug, hold power button 30 seconds unplugged, plug in still holding power button, 30 seconds, while still holding power also hold feed button, hold both another 30 seconds, release, unplug unit, plug back in, power button to turn on, profit (hopefully!).
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Re: Error Code B200

While the printer is turned off, open the cartridge door then turn on the printer and it will go through its functions then finally move the cartridges to the center.

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