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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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Canon reps are avoiding this topic it's obvious. They can be readily found, ambushed so to speak, in other threads here and politely reminded about this big issue.


Hi John
Funny you should say that. Yesterday I wrote a note to the only name posted as a Canon rep in this forum. No answer yet.

Hi Angela who was that, that Stephen person ?

I would think if enough of them get ambused in other thread topics it might get to a point where they have to react in some fashion.

But yes for now as things are they are avoiding and hiding from this topic.

They cannot avoid phone calls though.

It was the Mike, the Canon product expert who replied to the initial sandysorlien post on page 1.

Yes I see that, there was also that Stephen person too. I saw Stephen post in another thread for a different camera it didnt dawn on me at the time to remind him of this thread. I saw Mike on this thread today


Im going to remind him there now see if he reacts.

Angela I wrote to Mike on that page I post was deleted, go figure 


Hi. Registered just to add another voice to the many. I'll post what i said on the petition...

shutter button not working as per dozens of others. Canon's lack of response or acknowledgement of this issue is appalling and after 20...yes 20... years as a solely Canon user and advocate I am now reconsidering. The way I see is that nothing is ever 100% reliable, but its how a company responds that builds or breaks the reputation.

Oh, my serial is 448132xxxxxx

Canon...where are you?

neelpeel...unfortunately Canon is not responding anymore to this problem. The only way is to find them is in other threads or call them. If you find them in another thread like I did and remind them about this growing problem they probably will delete your post like they did mine. Still it's worth a try. Also they can't dodge a phone call.

I'm really not sure what they're strategy is, hide?

Obviously this problem hasn't gone away and is growing.

If I owned an S100 I would be in contact with the Better Business Bureau at this point. And soon before Canon deletes this whole thread. 

I am not someone who usually posts so I am unsure if this will show up in the right place or if I am replying to John.

John, you have been helpful with your comments.

I too am having the shutter issue with my camera.  It is now almost 2 years old but I have been having problems for the last few months.  One person mentioned that they took apart the camera and cleaned the shutter button and that seemed to fix the problem.  Has anyone else had success with this?

I am not willing to send my camera to Canon for $160 (approx), I would rather cut my losses and buy a new camera, but I am willing to try to fix it myself.  I will try blowing later today in the USB ports, but I would prefer a more premanent fix.  I also would consider buying the newer model S120 but am hesitant since it may have the same issues.


Thank you and your welcome msostrowski.

Personnally I would stay far away from any S1XX series cameras at this point. Not necessarily Canon products just the S1XX series. The problem might be carried over to those.

No one knows which fixes, the blowing one or the electrical contact cleaner one is permanent yet as they have not commented again if it is still a fix.


If you are willing to cut your losses then it would be worth a shot at opening it up carefully inspecting it for obvious things.

Use that Deoxit I can verify it works very good as a cleaner and lubricant and will not ruin any plastics or rubber inside or outside either. I've used Deoxit for years now and swear by it as many do. Be careful of the cheaper more common cleaners.


It might even be possible to squirt some inside the button without opening the camera up, I would look at that possibility first. try and squirt some in with that little straw and give it a chance to seep in too.

But from experience when taking things apart just touching or moving parts around might get it to work because it was a loose connection somewhere and not the swicth. It can also be a bad or "cold" solder joint and moving it can cause it to start working again.

So be very careful, try testing it each step of the way if possible.Remove a cover, test it, remove another cover and test it etc. Becuase of my curious nature I am seriously contemplating buying one from an auction site that specifically mentions the shutter switch problem just to satisfy my curiosity.

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