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powershot sx730 hs trouble connecting with wifi to computer


been having trouble for a long time with my camera not being recognized by computer when plugged in with cable. it would work 1 out of 10 times and seems to now never work. so i thought i would try the wifi option which i had never used before. i followed the article here: although i have windows 11. following the windows 7 instructions seemed to work except for step 7a-1. when i double click the icon it gives an error that the properties aren't available to display. i went to settings, bluetooth and devices and i clicked 'add a device' and choose the camera that way and see it listed now under 'other devices'. when i try to connect with the camera to wifi it will actually launch the camera window software but then will suddenly say the camera disconnected and camera window needs to close. keeping the devices page open i noticed when trying to connect the 'not connected' would switch to 'error' and disappear and then the camera window would say camera disconnected. i would really like to be able to use the camera window software to download my images. is there anyway to get this to work with windows 11?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi kiddtaylor,

The wifi software the PowerShot SX730 HS uses is not compatible with Windows 11, so you will not be able to transfer images from that camera to your computer through wifi.

For the USB connection issue we would recommend trying a different USB cable. If the one you were using has degraded it can cause communication issues like what you described. If you need a new cable the PowerShot SX730 HS uses a Micro-B to Type-A USB cable. That is a standardized cable type that should be available in most electronics stores and online electronics retailers.

Another option would be to use a USB card reader to transfer your images. To do that you would take the memory card out of the camera, load it into the card reader, open the memory card in the computer, and then drag and drop files into folders on your computer. We do not make card readers through Canon, so there aren't any card readers we would be able to recommend.