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how to get photos from my new camera to my computer


I am missing a step somewhere please help. New canon powershot elph 135.  I can't get the photos from the camera to go to the computer.  What am I missing?  I have downloaded several things but ??? And support isn't open on weekends.




See page 87
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thanks jrhoffman75 ~

I appreciate the reply back.  I have looked and read the manual more times then I can say ~  Unfortunately, the problem is the  3-in 1 retractable sync cable for digital camera's I purchased at Walmart's.  It doesn't work! (which was the problem). When you purchase a new camera.  They don't provide you with that part which I overlooked until I needed it of course.  And is all out of stock.  But I found one on - which should arrive in a few days.


Thank you! 🙂



Canon camera use a standard mini USB cable (not Micro USB, mini), you can get them just about anywhere.  For best results get one with a filter on it - that cylinder you see here:





They work without it, but I've had sporadic results when tethering with a cable that doesn't have a filter.


All that said, I highly recommend getting an SD Card reader (available anywhere) and simply taking the card out of the camera and putting it into the reader.  Any operating system, such as Windows, can read the files on the card directly without using Canon software (may be required if connecting the camera to the computer).

I'd second the advice to get a reader.  I find the trasnfer speed is typically faster when using a card reader than it is when using the USB cable.


Both methods will work, however.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da