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I tried camera in Daughters computer and downloading works good along with other functions.

Where now to look. Computer ?.

Powershot sx150is. W7





I'm guessing what you're asking is how to find your downloaded images on your daughter's computer.

By default it seems most computers will download images to a folder named "Photos" or "My Pictures". But your daughter may have assigned a different default download location.

Try downloading some photos again and look carefully at the dialog that opens during the process. It should specify the location on the drive where the images are being downloaded, or give you an option to select another location.

The trouble involved in followin you directions are that when  camera is turned on it turns itself off.

I thought trying anothe computer and the dowmloading worked as did mine at one time.

It seemed that a cure could never be found  with original camera I use and  get a new one, which I did, and there is same trouble with both at downloading..



Before a given camera is connected to a specific computer for the first time, the software for that camera should be installed on the computer. This should be done before connecting the camera to the computer for the first time.

If you connect the camera first without installing the software, it may try to connect the camera using some of the generic drivers included with the computer's operating system. But it may just recognize the camera's memory card as a "removable disk". Or it may install the camera, but not with all the features included with the camera's software disk.

To me, at least, it has always seemed simpler to remove the card from the camera and use a card reader to download my images. USB card readers are cheap enough, or some computers may have a card reader slot built in. Plus you don't have to worry about having a fully charged battery in your camera, or connecting it to an external power supply. And by downloading your images with a card reader using Windows Explorer you'll know exactly where you've stored them.

Hi Taper21,


Thank you for posting.


If you're importing your images with the Canon CameraWindow, you may see the destination folder in the "Preferences" section of the software.


To see this, when the CameraWindow opens, click on the gear icon at the top right-hand side of the window. On the next screen, click on "Import". Now, just under that, click on "Folder Settings" to see the location of your images.

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