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button-cell battery in PowerShot SD880


    I'm a long-time owner of a Canon PowerShot SD880, which I got back in 2008. I have a question regarding the batteries included with this camera.


   I know that the PowerShot was sold with two separate batteries: a larger, rechargeable battery; and a small button-cell battery.  (The manual describes this button-cell battery is a Date/Time backup battery.)  Does anyone know what type of button-cell battery was originally included with the SD880?


   Also, I know a lot of button-cell batteries contain a small amount of mercury. Do you know if the battery that came with the SD880 contains any mercury?


  I ask because I never replaced the battery with my PowerShot, and unfortunately, I recently discovered that the battery has ruptured/leaked a bit.


Thanks for information folks can share about this!



From what I found your date and time battery is a built-in rechargeable battery and is charged by your main battery. So unless I am wrong you would need to have it serviced or attempt it yourself. As far as the specs on that battery since it is not considered a user-replaceable part Canon doesn't list the specs. The cost to have that replaced would most likely be more than your camera is worth right now (about $40) so let's hope I am wrong.