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What setting on SX720 HS with EOS Webcam Utility?


QUESTION: What settings to make on SX720 HS to use with EOS Webcam Utility?

     We don't find any webcam setting instructions in either:

          PowerShot SX720 HS Camera User Guide.  or in

          User Guide-For Small Screens (such as Smart Phone, etc) - PowerShot SX720 HS


PROBLEM:  Camera works normally. When USB is connected to computer, the camera lens automatically retracts and shutter closes. We can not find any camera setting to open the lens. When USB is disconnected, the camera works normally again.



Camera: Model Canon SX720 HS with USB to computer


     EOS Webcam Utility, official version installed 6 Oct 2020, and seems to run properly.

     Windows 10 Home v. 1909, fully updated
          Windows Device Manager/Cameras says EOS Webcam Utility is installed and is functioning properly
          Windows Device Manager/System Devices says all USB drivers have latest updates and functioning properly


What settings to make to use the camera with EOS Webcam Utility?  Thank you.





There are only 3 Powershot cameras supported by EOS Webcam utility.  Unfortunately, yours is not one of them.


Some users have reported success, even if their camera is not listed as supported, but this is not guaranteed.


If you happen to have the EOS Utility installed on your PC, it must be disabled for the webcam utility to work.  Right-Click on the icon in your system tray and select exit. 


Turn the camera off, connect it and power on.


The cable you are using can also affect proper connection.  Ensure it is a data cable and not just a charging cable.  



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Well THANK YOU for taking time to reply.


The EOS Webcam Utility does list PowerShot SX70 HS as a supported camera model. Maybe you mis-read it?


We have EOS Webcam Utility software installed and running. When zoom is opened, EOS Webcam Utility is displayed in the screen area. The camera is turned ON with iris open and telescope lens extended.


Then the moment the USB cable is plugged into the computer, the camera lense retracts and the iris closes.  There seems to be no way to open the camera. If you simply disconnect the usb cable, then the iris opens and the camera lens telescopes out.


We can't seem to solve this wierd behavior! My wife (school teacher) needs the camera to work, for the zoom classes she teaches, so I have to solve this problem. Help will be appreciated.

Are you using the SX70 camera or the SX720 camera?  I suggest that you invest in a DSLR or a mirrorless camera.  It could or should be a business expense, or at least a tax deduction.

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Hi Scott,

I don't think I misread your post.. Where it says SX720 which is not supported but is a valid Canon model.  




So now we know why I said the SX720 is not supported.  The other two items I mentioned still apply.  EOS Utility Monitor in the system tray cannot be running and the type of cable you are using to connect the camera.


Welcome to the forums,



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Thank you for helping.

Camera is   SX720 HS.

@scott14 wrote:



Thank you for helping.

Camera is   SX720 HS.


You're welcome!  The Powershot line of cameras is not as versatile as cameras with interchangeable lenses.  Look at the M50 videoconferencing camer kit. 


That kit includes the AC adapter power supply, so that you do not need to worry about batteries going dry.  It is currently out of stock, but the kits without the AC adapter are in stock.



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Hey, I have the same issue with a SX20 IS. Did you solve the problem?