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Vertical lines appear in every photo taken w my 3 yr old Power Shot A470.Can't get rid of them.Help?


in the midst of photo shoot yesterday, this vertical line pattern appeared in every photo and can't get rid of it. Triple checked all my settings, nothing's changed about how I take my photos. 
Through the viewfinder when I prefocus I see the result of what my photo should look like after the shot, but after I take it, the shot is 50% lighter, with a horrible pattern of lines. Has my camera totally died? Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I cannot take photos anymore with this all time favorite camera of mine 😞


Rising Star

First try a complete reset if possible, I can't see it being the memory card but if you have a spare one try that.


One cause could be the sensor or the display itself, I've had faulty ribbon cables  going to the display on TV sets causing similar problems.


I take it they are in the same place on every shot.  What does a good photo show  up like, i.e., one prior to this fault showing? This would point to the sensor or display, since the photo was taken previous to the fault it 'would' eliminate the sensor as this is only used when taking photos and not when 'viewing'.


Pity you couldn't post a sample as it *may* help.




Hi Dave,  thanks for taking the time to respond to my plight.  I tried reseting, and get the same unfortunate results.  I have since purchased a one owner PowerShot A470 on EBay for $24 (includes shipping)  so I did well with a replacement. I wanted to post photos of these lines, which btw do appear in the same place every time,  but I did not see a link anywhere here to inlude them within my post.


Have yourself a great weekend~ desi


It almost sounds like the Digic image processor is at fault, that it is not processing correctly. Unfortunately, the repair for this is more than the camera is worth, unless you are handy with electronics and want to tackle the repair yourself. One thing that you might do is load CHDK software on the camera and shoot in RAW to see if the photos look better in the DPP software from Canon. If they do, you can be sure the processor is shot since the camera won't use the processor to capture the RAW data. If not, then the culprit could be the sensor or ribbon cable. A word of caution about CHDK is to make sure you use the correct version for your camera.



Hi Smack53, thanks for taking the time to answer my problem.  I understand what you've suggested but haven't got the time nor the patience for that. (I'm all about instant gratification) Unlike my husband who's great at the tech end of most electronics, though I wouldn't ask him to tackle this as he works very long hours.  I have since purchased the same camera, a one owner seller was offering his on a well known market place for $24 which included shipping and a tripod which I didn't have.  It works perfectly with just some cosmetic wear on the outside.  

Again, thank you, and I will make sure my husband reads your reply. He will learn from it. 
Have yourself a great weekend~