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Un Grouping sets on my SX 60


I think this question has been addressed but the answers I find are not helping me. 

in a previous thread, the answer was "Pressing the <UP> button will display [Display All Images], then pressing the <FUNC/SET> button will cancel group playback. " I don't see an "UP" button but I assume you mean the top of the ring. If you press the UP button without first hitting FUNC/SET, you get a screen that asks you to choose a nickname for the phone.


So you first have to hit FUNC/SET then press the up button and this does separate the group. However when I do this I am presented with a situation that only allows me to scroll between every tenth photo. In other words, they are still grouped it sets of 10. If there are more than ten but less then twenty it goes back and forth between the first shot of the first 10 images and the first shot of the next set then back to the first shot of the first 10 again. If there are less than 10 images, you only get a preview of the first shot. This is just so ridiculously cumbersome. Is there a way to further break these photos up? I can't believe I have no way of reviewing my photos in the field but so far that is the way it is.


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Reset your camera - this will go back to individual viewing of still photo.

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