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Text Size in Paint


Is it possible to enlarge the maximum size 72 font when I'm working with images from my A1400 in paint ?  I notice the same size 72 with my old Canon A410 is about 50% larger than with the A1400.  photo's from the A1400 seem to be quite huge when opened in paint, is there an adjustment I can make ?



Your old A410 camera is a 3.2 MP camera, vs. 14.1 MP for the A1400, so the files will be dramatically larger than the old ones. That will make the font appear much smaller even though it is the same size. In order to enlarge the font, you would need to copy and paste the font into the photos and scale it up, then place it where you want. You may need to use a different software such as GIMP, which is free, and has a lot more features than Paint.


Steve M.

Ah yes that all makes perfect sense now lol, thank you so much Steve I appreciate it, I'll go check out GIMP.

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