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DPP 4 won't start if Winidows 10 display size is 150%


I set Advanced scaling settings to 150% (under Dispaly) and Digital Photo Professional 4 displays an error message


"Not all screen elements can be shown under the computer's current display size settings.  Before use, reduce the display size."


If I click "OK" the error msg disappears but the program won't launch.  If I set it back to 100% the program launches again but the text is way too small for me to comfortably work with the program.


I have version


(If I press F5 to check for updates nothing happens, but that's a different problem.)


Start by downloading


Then uninstall


Now perform a fresh install of the file your downloaded.  Open it at 100% scaling.  Close, change scaling to 150% and open it again. 



FYI, working fine here.


way too big.png

Bay Area - CA

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Thank you for your gracious answer. I did install the lastest version of DPP as you suggested but I still got the failure to launch at display size of 150%. The problem turned out to be that the no. 1 monitor in my multi-monitor display is configured to display in potrait mode. One I reconfigured it to display in landscape DPP would launch with resolution at 150%. (I moved about a year ago and forgot that I changed to portrait and so was puzzled why I had this problem when nothing had changed from prior house to the new one. Duhh. Also under "Dispaly" on Windows there was an earlier message about my using custom settings so I cleared those so the "Change the size of text . . ." was there all by its lonesome and no message about custom settings. I think it was the orientation change that made DPP work IMO .)

Thank you again for your help.
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