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SX510 wifi connection problem


I have downloaded and installed ZoomBrowser EX and CameraWindow software.  I turned on my SX510 HS, hit the 'Play' button, pressed up for WiFi, and selected the PC image.  I selected "Add a Device", selected my network access point, entered the password, and the camera goes into "Select a Device" window, and says, "Searching for device".  The only thing it finds is my son's computer, but my computer (Windows XP SP3) has all the Canon software installed.  How do I get the camera to see my computer?


It makes no difference whether ZoomBrowser EX is running or not.  If I try running CameraWindow, that window says I need to check my camera connection.




Hi bfmackin!


Thanks for posting.  Welcome to the Canon Community.


Wi-Fi connections are supported using the later versions of CameraWindow on the Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems.

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I, like millions of other people, am still using Windows XP.  I get very frustrated when other companies stop supporting a very widely-used operating system just because Microsoft decides THEY aren't going to 'support' it any more.  I am a programmer, and I know that most applications can easily be compiled to work with older O/S's.  Anything written for XP still works with win 7 or 8, but it's not true the other way around.  It seems like it would be to all your customers' benefit to write software for the widest audience.


When it comes time to purchase my next camera, I will definitely keep this lack of support in mind.