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Hi, I've been using the camera for over half a year,  and overall I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting.

There is a slight problem with the white balance, I think there is a slight yellow tint on white objects. It is more noticeable where I live because of ambient light pinging from sandstone/sand (I  live in the Arava desert).

Is there a way to correct it so even in automatic settings  will reflect what is seen (corrected) by the naked eye.

I don't know if I explained it well as my native lenguage is not English....

I'll be grateful for your response

sebastian pons


Rising Star

The ONLY way to tame White balance is to use Manual controls and clamped it to a WB set by a WHITE card. Why do you think that Auto WB will get you through this? - Every time you move the shot, AUTO will reconfigure, and you'll get in a helluva mess.





Thank you for your answer. I shoot mainly in P and AV mode, and I'm aware of the manual pages 122 to 125. I don't expect Auto WB to help much in my circunstances, and this is why I was asking if I could setup the WB with the overrride preset to the ambient light that I will encouner in most cases....

Thank you again

sebastian pons