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Date & Time not saving on SX50 HS


My SX50 asks to me set the date and time every time I turn my camera on. I'm assuming there's an internal battery that saves the date & time that is now dead. Does anybody know what type of battery is used and where it's located inside of the camera? I'd like to see if I could replace it myself before purchasing another camera.



This camera doesn't appear to have a replaceable battery for the date and time memory. In fact it may not have a battery at all for that purpose. It likely uses a capacitor instead that is charged by the main camera battery. It may take a little time to "form" or recharge the capacitor if it's gone completely dead. Or the capacitor itself may have failed.

Check pg. 20 of the user manual, linked below, for more details.

Ah got it, thanks! I'll do some digging and see if I can recharge/ replace the cap. 

I'm seeing it mentions a "date and time" battery frequently in the manual. I wonder where it's located inside of the camera.