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SX280 - battery life shooting video




I apologize to the forum for mixing two different problems.  They are unrelated.


Problem #1:  User error.  I thought I was using a class 6 SD card but I was wrong. The yellow "!" indicates a pathologically slow card.  Upgrading to a class 10 resolved this problem.


Problem #2: UNRESOLVED.  Red battery indicator comes on prematurely.  On a fresh charge, it'll turn red after recording for a couple of minutes.  On a partially drained battery, it turns red immediately upon entering movie mode or pressing the record button.  Turn the camera off and then right back on in "still" mode and it shows full charge and works fine ... until trying to shoot video.  I have not precisely measured recording times but it'll record for at least 20 (maybe 30?) minutes while flashing red.




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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Canon finally reponds for the first time in months- to tell us how not to fix the camera they refuse to admit there's a problem with. This, folks, tells you how little regard Canon has for any of us or our business. It proves that Canon has been monitoring this thread all along, and chooses to ignore our pleas for a fix - yet responds within days to a couple of posts that mention a workaround no one here took seriously. Shame on you, Canon, for treating us all like chumps. Please, folks, if you're thinking about buying this camera - DON'T. And if you're stuck with this camera, feel free to let our new pal Jason how that there's still a problem with this camera.

Now that battery dodge certainly rattled Canon.


Now then, what happens if the teminal or it's components are actually faulty...... and something happened to the camera that it did overheat.... yeah, yeah I get it Canon wouldn't want to know, not them  Sony batteries that catches fire are they bought on the cheap?


Seriously though anyone thought of taking this to trading standard to see what they have to say? Wonder what Which Magazine would say?


At least there's one stockist I can rely on - they refuse point blank to stock the SX270/280 - they just don't want to be burdened with the hassel.



Putting tape on the battery works for me. It allows me to use the camera the way it was supposed to work.

If the camera catches on fire, I always have my phone ready to take a great Youtube video of a Canon camera on fire.

We have Call 3 for Action TV which helps consumers fight ripoffs, maybe they will help sway Canon to give a refund?  Might be worth a shot.  Jeez, it's all over youtube, many forums and on Amazon reviews and they still won't acknowledge a problem?

As with others, I am experiencing the issue even with a new camera that should not have the issue based on the serial number. Unfortunately the retailer I bought it from is now out of stock, so I can't just go an exchange it; they also don't know when they will get more in. I tried Canon support, but didn't have much luck. They refuse to cross-ship a replacement, which nearly every other manufacturer is willing to do, especially for a newly purchased product.


I declined the option to send in my brand new camera and be without it for 2 weeks. I think I'm simply going to return it for a refund and go with another brand; one that actually works to fix known issues and make the customers happy. I've bought many Canon cameras over the years, but I suspect this will be my last one.

Sorry, BeefJerky, but you're in good company. Return the camera while you can. There is no fix for the SX280 and probably never will be because Canon refuses to admit the problem that we've all experienced. And Beetle, I doubt that one local news station will be able to shame Canon into doing the right thing. Look at all the complaints here, on YouTube and all over the internet. Canon knows it has a lemon, and has moved on. They're counting on all of us to do the same. And to anyone even thinking about the SX280 - take a quick look at the last 81 pages on this thread and you should come to the conclusion that your cash will be better spent elsewhere. Canon has given up on fixing this flawed camera.

SX280 Defective right out the box....not one but two - says a lot, Google Newegg SX280 and read the reviews.


What the hell is going on at Canon? Looks like they don't give a toss anymore.



Maybe I been a donkey but if a tape on the sensor of the battery works it seems that the problem was the battery no? 

@LSousa wrote:

Maybe I been a donkey but if a tape on the sensor of the battery works it seems that the problem was the battery no? 

Think about it. The most likely function the tape performs is to disconnect the battery level signal and thus turn off the flashing red light.  The uncertainty of the video time left remains unchanged.

But some people said that huge battery doesn't solve their problem... 

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