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S110 & the G15 cameras.


trying to decide btween S110 & G15 for general use but mostly famioly photos & convenience



I haven't used nor studied up on either one but will provide a link to a review site I like & trust where you can read up on both. Depending on whether or not you think you'd like to have greater control on how your photos look the option to shoot in RAW becomes an issue which might help with the decision. I shoot a G9 as my underwater camera & having RAW files makes it far easier to do colour corrections. I also  use it for some of my auto insurance appraisals & it does a great job BUT not at the higher ISO's. Newer processing power has likely improved on what the G9 delivered so don't let that hold you back  re either one.



"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."


I had the same problem and went with the S110. My regular camera is a 5D MKII, very nice, but too much to carry around all the time. The deciding factors for the S110 were the price (it's a 2nd camera, not my one and only) and the WiFi. I got it more for fun times than fine art and the Wifi makes it possible to share the images quickly. It's easy to get images from the camera onto the iPhone, give them an edit if needed, and then send'em off to Facebook, email,... The G15 probably has a slight advantage on IQ, but the 110 wins on weight; I got the Canon silver neckstrap and barely noticed it after a 15 hour day at Disney. The Night Portrait and Fireworks modes had suprisingly little noise. The RAWs edit up easily; for what was supposed to be a party pics camera, I've been able to capture many beautiful images, some of which have won competitions at my camera club. Overall, I'm very happy with the 110.


If you mainly use it for family photos then I would suggest the S110. Generally, the best camera is the one you have with you and the S110 will be with you more frequently. The reviews for both cameras are strong. You can get an overview of the reviews at: and .


Another consideration is if you would like to have more control about the camera functions. If you do want to learn more about photography and grow your skills, the G15 will give you much more freedom.

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