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S100/S110 Image Quality


Hello I am Debating between s100 and s110

one thing that concern me is that I saw some reviews saying there are differences in image quality between the two although its using the same lens/processor and so on. expamples:


"We did feel that high ISO performance (and image quality in general) was actually a slight step backwards from the S100"


"In comparison to its predecessor, the Canon S100, the S110 boasts an upgraded sensor but our tests show a slight decrease in print quality across the board. Where the S100 produces a nice, crisp print at 13 x 19 at base ISO, the S110 is soft at 13 x 19 and, while maybe acceptable for wall display, we feel more comfortable recommending it for use at 11 x 14 for ISO 80 up to 200."


"The lower overall image quality across the ISO range compared to its predecessor is a little disappointing"


and mostly:


"There is slightly high barrel distortion at wide-angle (1.1%)" 0.6 at s100


How it could be there are such a differences? Thanks



Hi computer_freak,


Each camera may function differently because while the specifications may be the same or similar, each camera may function differently on some level internally.  We do not have any specific information that would explain exactly what you are asking about.  However, the information we do have about each camera is listed on the specifications pages for each camera on our website.  You may want to review the specifications in more detail to help you determine which model you will like the most.  I have provided direct links below:




If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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I see, Thanks

Wait - the S110 isn't as good image wise as the S100??? That doesn't make any sense. Maybe I jumped the gun and should return it

Differences in image quality of these two models are not so absolute. It does depend.