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Resetting to factory default Powershot sx130is


Hi, I have a powershot sx130is.  I am trying to reset to factory default.  When I try to reset it says camera busy with a hand icon.  Any suggestions on how to reset?  Thanks Tara



Hi tavery313!


Welcome to the Canon Forum and thanks for posting.


To restore the default settings, please follow these steps:


  1. Press MENU.
  2. Press the RIGHT or LEFT button to select the [Tools] tab.
  3. Select [Reset All].
  4. Press FUNC/SET.
  5. Select [OK].
  6. Press FUNC/SET.

The settings are now restored to their default values.


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Thanks for the help. I have already followed those steps, but when I do the second to last one the hand icon comes up with busy. I will try the contact you provided, but the camera is no longer under warranty. So I'm not sure how much help you can give.

Did you get an answer . That is my problem too.

Try removing the battery and holding the power switch on for at least 45 seconds first to clear it.

Do you hold the switch down when the battery is out?

yes take the battery out first and then hold the switch down for at least 45 seconds

Can you explain to me aobut the power button being faulty that you mentioned to Mike.?  Is that stopping me from resetting to fctory default by bringing up the busy hand?  This is my second powershot.  If I buy another camera should I buy another canon?  I have the memory card and know the functions but I am now weariy of canon.


Thannk you

BrianJoan I was reffering to a different camera the S100 with a chronic shutter button problem not you camera.

Canon makes good products but like any product problems can occur.It's the service and support that makes the real difference.

I would not hesitate to buy a Canon product just consider protecting your investment with added insurance.

Whatever you choose consider an extended warranty which will cover the repairs, replacement or a complete refund if you need them for up to 3 years, some maybe longer. I use Square Trade for all my extended warranties.

I am not aware of any power button problems with the SX130HS

Your welcome

That did not work.  I did what you suggested/  The busy hand comes up and it does not reset.