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Powershot SX740 HS - Manual Focus through Canon Connect


I just received my new SX740 last month and have been greatly enjoying it as a side-grade to my non-wifi DSLR. With the ability to connect to the camera in real-time via the app, I was wanting to see if I can manually do focus stacking for small objects so that I don't have to bump/touch/adjust the camera physically. When I run through the settings to do so, I still keep having the "MF" grayed out on the app but the camera is in MF and I've removed the AF safeguards (Continuous AF set to "off"). I must be doing something wrong, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. I'm in full manual mode, if that helps.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hello, Juxen, and welcome to the forum!

In order for the app to advance the focal plane, the camera/lens has to be set to AF. IIRC, the app has arrows for you to use to manually select a focus plain/point, for example  >  >>>  >>>>  <<<<  <<<  <. Each chevron (>) represents how far to move focus, one > would be a "nudge", three would be a larger jump, and four a very large jump.

Your procedure would be: focus on nearest point and shoot, advance the focal plane with the single chevron, take the next shot, advance with single chevron, etc., etc. Please note that settings must remain static, that is, aperture, shutter, ISO (exposure) must be the same for all shots in your stack. To do this, set your camera to M (manual) and set exposure, not to be confused with manual focus 🙂 You leave AF enabled.


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