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Powershot SX70 and Raynox Macro Lens


I just received the "Raynox Super Macro Conversion Lens" (DCR-250) in the mail.  Am I going to need an adapter for it to attach to my Canon PowerShot SX70 HS?


I'm really confused because I read elsewhere online, as well as on a video, that this Raynox macro lens is compatible with the SX70..... but I've found it to be otherwise.  I then thought maybe I could use my adapter/filter from my old SX50 camera, but I can't even get it to fit.  (I'm assuming the rings for the SX50 just aren't the same as the SX70, and I'm not about to force it).


Any help is appreciated.





What size is that Raynox? The filter adapter FA-DC67A from the SX50 should fit the SX70 also and it accepts a 67mm filter.

I'm in no way a professional, and I haven't used any filters on the SX70 yet, so this is what I know.


I got the Raynox Macro Lens off Amazon, and on there it says:


- "Includes a snap-on universal mount."

- "Suitable for 52mm to 67mm filter size."


On the box itself it says it has a "49mm Front Filter thread" and a "Snap-on Adapter." Then on the photo of the inside of the universal mount, and the circumfrence of the lens itself, it shows "43mm," and then it also mentions - about the universal mount - that it's "52-67mm Universal size."  (Which is also on Amazon, so I know they sent me the lens I ordered).


My old adapter for my filters that I used with my old camera even has "sx50" written on the inside, so that made me wonder if it's even compatible at all with the sx70. (It was a Vivitar Series kit I bought off Amazon, and inside the ring it says: "LA-58SX50 AP308" so... it doesn't say FA-DC67A).


Or maybe I need to force it more to fit, but I'm afraid of damaging the camera.  I just don't remember it being a problem getting that adapter on my SX50. I'm just a little paranoid about destroying the camera over trying to get the adapter ring on.  (I didn't even think I needed the adapter in the first place).



It looks to me that you just have to press the buttons in on that lens adapter place it in the cameras lens and release them. It grips the inside of the lens like a lens cap does. After that, you just screw the 49mm lens into it. You do not need any other adapters. In some reviews, it says it will fit any size lens in that range but in the description, on Amazon, it says it is compatible with the Canon EF,Nikon F(DX),Sony Alpha, Canon EF, Nikon F(DX), Sony Alpha. I attached a link to a YouTube video which shows how to install it.

I think I'm just going to purchase a new adapter. Even if a new adapter doesn't work, it's only $10 and I know it'll be compatible for other filters anyway. (I can get the Raynox to fit the old adapter I used for my SX50, but that old adapter won't fit my SX70 camera).

The Raynox literally will not fit inside this camera lens.  It doesn't grip at all.


Thanks for your input.  You're the only person so far - on a few places - to even try to help.  I appreciate that.




EDIT:  I finally got the darn thing to clip on.  I don't know if the spring on the macro lens was messed up, or if I was just being too careful in attaching it to the camera.  (My old camera broke during the holidays, and this camera was a Christmas gift so I am super paranoid about scratching the lens.  I can't live without my camera either).  I am going to get a new adapter though, because I think it'll be safer for the camera.  My old adapter ring just isn't fitting.  I would have to force it to fit and I'm not about to do that with such an expensive camera.  I'd sooner pay the $10 for the adapter.


You're welcome!

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