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Powershot SX260HS shuts down upon zoom


My SX260HS gets used less these days since phone cameras became popular.  What else is new, right?  But I still say it takes better pix.  So for important events, like our grandson's MBA graduation this morning, I took the Canon.  Last year I bought a new battery for it, and had both charged and ready.  Much to my chagrin near the critical part of the ceremony, the camera's zoom caused it to shut off, with a low battery warning.  When turned back on, it showed a full battery icon.  Repeated attempts at zooming in resulted in shut downs, whether still photos or video.  I ended up in a last minute effort grabbing a cell phone to take video.

When I got home I checked both batteries for voltage, and they're both over 4 volts.  What might be causing the zoom to shut off the camera with a low battery warning, when the battery is more than its rated 3.7v?  I figured the zoom feature uses more power than just the shutter for stills or video, but the bats are not depleted.



Hi Half-Canadian (I'm like You!)

I wonder if there is something that is impeding the lens as it extends thus creating more load on the motor.   The problem with a camera such as yours is that it is a sealed unit, so your options are limited.  I would suggest contacting your local Canon support site (if you are in the US, it's 1-800-OK-CANON) and have a chat with them.

cheers, TREVOR

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