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Canon PowerShot SD950 IS cannot be turned on


I have a Canon PowerShot SD950 IS for 10-15 years I guess. I was using it to take photos few days ago and I was functioning normally. Then it suddenly turned off so I thought it was out of battery and I charged the battery up after gotten home. However it could not turn on. What should I do to reboot/turn on the camera?



Hi and welcome to the forum:
Sorry to learn that an old friend is not working any more. If you have inserted a charged battery in it and it shows no signs of life at all, the likelihood is that it has succumbed to time and failed.  There is essentially nothing that a user can do in that situation and this model came out about 17 years ago and is long, long past any service availability for it.
It may be time to consider looking for a replacement, but the good news is that the technology has come a long, long way since then.  Currently there are a couple of Canon cameras with that general size and boasting better resolution, image stabilization, faster processors and a host of other features.

You can browse Canon's website and look under Point and Shoot cameras, but this is about the cheapest model available. Similar in size but with a bigger sensor and a focal range of 25-300mm see: 
PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Silver ( 
Right now they are out of stock at Canon, but other outlets may have inventory.

cheers, TREVOR

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