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PowerShot SX740 HS No option for connect to computer via Wi-Fi


I have a SX 740 HS camera.  I want to upload pictures to my computer through wifi connection.  I do not have an option on camera menu for Connect Computer as shown in videos of setup.  It never gives me a chance to select SSID or enter a wifi password. It only shows 3 options (phone, printer or webservice).




Hi, I can help you with trying, though it isn't working for me still.

On the computer, install Image Transfer Utility.  You'll need to go into it's settings to setup what camera to connect to during the "Pairing" operation.

On the camera, find the Wireless Communications Settings.  First setup your Wi-Fi settings.  Enable it.  Then you should be able to select an access point SSID and enter the password.  Then set the Auto send images to computer - you might want this set to ALL. 

Now, back on the computer, in the Image Transfer (ITU2) window settings (gear icon) select "Setup pairing".  This will walk you through the instructions.

Once setup, when you turn on the camera in "Play" mode, it should just activate the ITU2 software and go with flickering LED on the camera.

All that happens for me, but I don't get any pictures in my "Destination Folder", so I think it's broken on the Mac.  Hopefully it works for you.