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Mirror G9 X screen on MacBook?


I'm trying to record video with my camera and use my laptop as my screen monitor. Is there a way to do this with on a Macbook Pro? I tried connecting the camera to my laptop with a USB cord, but that makes the camera only turn on in playback mode, as if I'm trying to import pictures. When I record with my iPhone, I plug my iPhone into the laptop and use Quicktime movie recording to get my phone screen on my laptop. Is there a way to do this with the G9 X, either through a cable connection or WiFi or a software download? Thanks for any insight!


Product Expert
Product Expert



You can show the live image from your camera through an HDMI connection, but you will also need to make sure the HDMI port on your computer allows inputs. Most computers will have an HDMI port that is HDMI output only and if that is the case you would need a separate capture device to adapt it.

Great, thanks! Yeah, so I got an HDMI video capture card in order to turn my HDMI port on my laptop into an input. I've been trying to get it set up, but I can't see to get the camera picture to appear in the preview monitor in OBS. My computer is recognizing the capture card device because it shows color bars when I connect it to the computer, and the color bars disappear when I disconnect it. So, my new question is: how do I get the capture card to "see" my camera? Or how do I get my camera to "see" the capture card? I have the camera connected to the capture card via a MiniHDMI-to-HDMI, but no picture coming through to the computer. 

Did you sort this out?.
Looks like this particular model does not have that feature.