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PowerShot SX610HS serial # rubbed off within 2 weeks of purchase



I just got back from a 2 week mountaineering trip to BC, CA, during which I had a little bit of Canon drama.  I purchased an ELPH 350 HS from Best Buy before leaving, but the camera stopped powering on after a day of use.  
I went to Walmart for an emergency replacement and picked up a PowerShot SX610 HS, but the product box had to be discarded because it was too bulky to pack with my gear.   

After arriving home last night I visited the Canon site to download the software required to connect the camera to my PC via wifi, and I was asked for my camera's serial # in order to proceed.  I got the camera out and turned it over, only to discover, much to my chagrin,  that the serial number is almost completely worn off.

I can make out the last four or five numbers, but the rest has worn away completely, leaving me without the ability to register or download software for my camera. 

How should I proceed?

I would also like to add that I just started buying Canon products this year, as it's the brand favoured by most of my friends and associates, but between my MG5520 printer that either refuses to feed paper or feeds at least 10 sheets simultaneously, my ELPH 350 that died for no obvious reason, and the disappearing serial number/inability to register & download software for my PS SX610, my experience with Canon products has been incredibly underwhelming thus far, at least insofar as reliability in concerned.



If, by chance, you still have the box the serial number might be on there. I looked through your manual and it does not mention anywhere to view the serial number in the settings menu is where I'd expect to be able to find it.

As a last resort you can call Canon maybe they know of a way to display your serial number


The serial number of the camera is stored in the EXIF data of every picture it takes.


Load the ImageBrowser EX software that came with your camera on a computer. Click on a photo you took with the camera, in the lower right of the program there is a section called 'Shooting Info', the last entry of that is 'Camera Body No.', that is your camera's serial number.



I could not find that info in the EXIF with the ImageBrowser EX, and I tried a number of software's that read that information. Since I'm trying to find out that information for my SX150, I was wondering if the EXIF that you are reading the camera body number from is a DSLR. It does not seem to show with any of my PowerShot cameras.


Steve M.

Thanks.  Found the EXIF info on my Flickr posts.  SHOW EXIF --> CAMERA ID -- use the first 12 digits.  HTH

Product Expert
Product Expert
Hi square_dot, In addition to the bottom of the camera, you may find the serial number in two places: If you have the original box, the serial number is on the outside, behind "(21)" (not included). If you have the "Dealer Record Of Purchase" card, the serial number is on this.
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