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PowerShot SX60 HS Lens Recommendation


Hello.. I have a PowerShot SX60 HS and I need lens recommendations. I’m not looking for something professional, just an upgrade for the original lens.


Can someone please help me?



The SX60 has a built-in, fixed lens and you cannot change it.

Bummer.. I was told it could be upgraded. Good thing I asked! 

Thank you, John! 

You're very welcome!

Whoever told you that you could use different lenses probably was referring to add-on lenses. They screw on to the front of the camers's fixed lens.  They are junk so forget them.  Not only junk if used incorrectly they can damage the camera. You got what you got.


The PowerShot SX60 HS has been discontinued.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!



Problably that’s what they were refering to and more likely I misunderstood. and even though the camera might be discontinued, I’m pretty happy with what I got.


Thank you for your input. 

@John_ wrote:

The SX60 has a built-in, fixed lens and you cannot change it.

In addition to that the SX60 HS already has an amazing zoom range for it's built in lens. What are you trying to do with your SX60 HS that you feel you need a new lens for?

That's right it is an amazing lens with the potential to take excellent pictures close up to very far the moon.

Hello John! 

I have taken pictures of the moon, some of them are amazing. 

Hi Rossy, I bet they are! I have the previous model the SX50 and have captured some really amazing shots of the moon both at night and during the day

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