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PowerShot SX410 IS Internal Memory Pictures


Today I grabbed my old 410-IS Powershot to take some outdoor pics, but had to take out the SD card as it had some message on it that the card was no good and had to be formatted.  So I took it out and shot a few anyways... now I can't see on my camera where they are!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello MissLili,

The PowerShot SX410 IS does not have any internal memory to save pictures. You would need to have a memory card in the camera to actually save pictures/video.

I saw the still pictures appear on it when taken so was just hoping that there was a way, I should have just reformatted the SD card in there when prompted but was afraid of losing something important, thanks!


Didn't the camera give a warning that there was no memory card in it?

Yes it did, but I just assumed that there was some internal memory that it came with because I would turn the camera toward me after taking a picture and would see it on the screen.

Sorry, this makes no sense. The camera says "Cannot Record" if there's no memory card. And, you could not possibly be playing back the picture you think you took, because it did not take one. 

I don't know what you were seeing on the screen that caused you to think there was a taken picture.

I wasn't using the Playback button, simply turned the camera towards me and saw that the picture was showing that I had last taken, so that's why I assumed perhaps there was some internal memory.  In any case I even took the SD card home and tried to see if somehow it may have saved the picture despite the warning, I had opened up and closed the camera with and without the card several times, desperate to get those pics of this beautiful dog I saw that reminded me of our's that had died a few years ago, but even after we tried to CHKDSK it and used some program to retrieve the files, we didn't see them.  Lesson learned, always have my cell with me!!!

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