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PowerShot G9 Change the battery pack error message


My PowerShot G9 camera will display the error message "Change the battery pack" sometimes after the camera has been unused for various lengths of time. The strange thing this will only appear when using a Duracell DRC2L battery. I thought it was the battery so I purchased a new battery but the error has started to appear again. I know how to remove the error by opening the battery door and remove and reinstated the battery and closed the battery door. This is part of the strangeness of the problem, that this error message never appears when using the original battery that came with the camera. Also, both batteries are fully charged when they are installed and remain in the camera until the battery is dead, which can be up to months in time. So, I was tinkering with the battery door and when the door was slid to unlock position the camera immediately shut down. Then when I's slid the door back to the locked position the camera would then do a proper shut down by retracting the camera lens. Looking closer I found a microswitch hidden above the memory card that is triggered by a tab on the battery door. I guess that this microswitch will indicate when the battery door is open or closed. But why does the "Change the battery pack" error message only happen when using the Duracell battery?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings t394h7bZ,

Canon recommends on using official Canon batteries with Canon cameras. We cannot guarantee functionality or compatibility with third-party batteries or accessories. Unfortunately, a specific response in regard to your inquiry is not available other than compatibility issues. You may browse our online store for a newer Canon PowerShot camera In case you're Powershot G9 camera is malfunctioning.

Canon does not sell the NB-2LH battery that the Powershot G9 uses anymore.


Are all the contacts on the Duracell battery clean and shiny?  Clean them with a pencil eraser or a rough cloth.

Brand new Duracell battery terminals are clean and shinny. While the 15 year old original Canon battery terminals have dulled over the years but they're also clean.


Get a Wasabi NB-2LH. $11.00 for one, $18.00 for a pair. They are one of the highest-regarded battery brands.

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