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PowerShot G7 X The "Dreaded Lens Error"


I dropped my g7x in the ocean a couple years ago and thought my camera was done for. However, it would somehow continue to turn on for years, just for it to read "Lens Error. Will shut down automatically. Restart Camera." I saw that Canon does not service the g7x anymore so a couple of weeks ago, I completely disassembled my camera and found miraculously that the only corroded parts were the springs that were attached to the blades that protect the lens when the camera is off and open up when the camera is on. Everything else seemed to be perfectly fine. Even when I completely remove these blades, however, the error persists, which leads me to believe that it does not have to do with the corroded parts. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on places in the lens to clean that commonly cause the lens error to occur?



Rick, thanks for sharing your experience with the G7X. A great camera; too bad about the accident.

I am not a camera repairman and have no first hand experience with the G7X. My guess is that the problem is the internal ribbon that connects the mainboard with the lens. Maybe the ribbon contacts are dirty. Probably the camera is not sensing that the lens is attached or getting the correct data from the lens.


You could either send it to a camera repair centre and get a quote before deciding to repair. Or else, you could try to dismantle it yourself and check all the ribbons and contacts. Search for a video on Youtube.  Pull the ribbon out at both ends, clean it and reinsert. There may be more than one ribbon for the lens data and the focussing motor. Check the main board for dirt and clean as needed. Be very careful with the micro chips as they can easily be affected by static form your hands. Please let us know how you get on.   


Kind regards


Hi Chris, thank you very much for the insight! I will definitely give it another go and focus on the ribbon cables and let you know how it turns out. Thanks again!

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