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Canon G5X underwater photography


Canon G5X, Ikelite Housing, 161 Strobe connected.  Setting M, ISO set to 200 generally but will change as needed, Display Control set to M. the screen is too dark to be using as a viewfinder on M, if I set to AV the viewfinder is OK enough. how do I get the viewfinder to be "viewable" not almost to completely black, when shooting underwater with strobe attached on M. can I turn off the view that shows "how it is supposed to look as shot" cant figure out how to turn off that setting????   Jeanne  


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Zop1,

The PowerShot G5 X doesn't have an exposure simulation feature that you can turn on and off, unfortunately. You can adjust the viewfinder brightness without that effecting your image, however. It's in the yellow wrench menu #2 under DISP Brightness. You can adjust the LCD or VF accordingly.

thank you I will give that a try. I am thinking that when I attach my strobe to the housing it should automatically change that, but not sure....  I also have a question into Ikelite. appreciate you input!  jeanne

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