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PowerShot G7 X Mark III firmware update makes the camera unusable


I upgraded the camera firmware from 1.2.0 to 1.3.2 three days ago.

After I upgraded the firmware, the focus became extremely slow and the camera became unresponsive.

No matter what I do with the camera, even if I press the shutter button halfway to focus, the camera will respond after a delay of 10 to 30 seconds.

I reset the camera to factory settings and still have the same problem.

I have been trying various solutions for the past two days, and I found that occasionally I put the camera into video shooting mode, and it will autofocus and zoom. When I finished shooting video and switched back to photo shooting mode, the camera was working normally and can took one or two photo normally, but immediately it couldn't focus and the response of any button was very slow. So I think it's not a mechanical trouble, but a software upgrade, and I don't have any chance to downgrade the software to 1.2.0 now.


I have called the technical support number but there is no response, The automatic voice reply said that this camera is no longer supported by technology, and it is recommended to ask questions in this forum.

What should I do now?



You can try installing 1.3.0.

Now I have upgraded to version 1.3.2. I tried but there is no way to downgrade the system version to 1.3.0. If possible, I would prefer to go back to 1.2.0, at least the camera can be used normally. I only use it for photos, I hardly ever shoot videos.


Hi, G7xMark3-CG. 

When you call support at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666), please be sure to speak clearly and say that you need support for your "PowerShot G7 X MARK THREE." It should verify. If it asks for just the "PowerShot G7 X," that's the incorrect model. Your camera is still eligible for phone support, but the original one is not. You might also find it helpful to register your camera before calling. You can do that at 

Thank you for your reply. I just called again, and the solution given to me by the customer service is to ask me to send the camera to the factory, and then the technician will check and tell me what the problem is, even if the camera was in September last year. and there is no guarantee that it will need to pay (he can't confirm whether it is a six-month or one-year warranty period)

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