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Black line Canon R6MKll problem


So I just moved from a Canon crop DSLR 250d into Canon R6MKll.I bought it brand new at an authorized canon dealership in Albania and has warranty. At high iso in video and in photo there appears a thin black line and the footage or photo is unusable but at low iso the line doesn’t appear.Is it a firmware issue or perhaps a sensor issue?



Is the thin black line visible in the camera's LCD, and/or on your monitor, and/or your prints? It might be helpful if you posted a sample photo showing this issue, especially with the EXIF info attached.

What brand and model of memory card are you using, and did you do a low-level format to it in the camera?

Thank for replying.It does show in LCD and when i playback the footage.I use Sandisk 128gb 100mb/s and they work good.I tried a Kingston 170mb/s sd card it was the same.The line sadly occurs only when the iso is high.These settings that are shown in the photo are only meant so the line can be seen.


Hi and welcome to the forum:
I would return to the dealership with the camera and show them the issue.  I suspect there is an fault with the camera sensor and one or more lines of photosites (which capture the image) is not working.  They should be able to help you get the thing sorted under warranty.   Alternatively call 0-800-OK-Canon to talk to a tech support person.

cheers, TREVOR

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