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PowerShot G7 X Mark III Flickering exposure problem


I recently bought the Canon G7x iii camera which I intend to use for youtube but I have problems with flickering exposure, even when I lock the exposure. I start filming, lock the exposure, and when I look at the footage after it flickers several times per minute, changing the exposure from one frame to the next. Super annoying. Do you have a solution for this? I'm in Europe and camera is set to PAL. I shoot in 1/50 and 25 fps, and I use a ring light.

Does anybody have a solution for these issues? 


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Try a different type of lighting. If your lighting is cycling on and off as some LED and fluorescent lighting does, it might cause your flickering.

This is not it. Two reasons: 1) I've tried different lighting, same thing. 2) The flickering happens two or three times per minute. It's not consistent.

Does it happen in sunlight? That is pretty consistent. 8^)

Yes, in sunlight also.

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Is this how you are locking exposure?

Screenshot 2023-09-26 144502.jpg


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