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New Powershot owner about to become EX-powershot owner...




My Xmas present finally arrived today, 10 Jan some 2 weeks + after Xmas.  I only wanted this thing to do one simple thing.  

Allow me to download pictures onto my computer.  Apparrently that's asking Canon too much.


A Powershot 190 IS.   What I thought would be a simple point and shoot has turned into nothing but a frustrating piece of apparent garbage filled headache after another.  Propriatary cables, propriatary headaches.  


No cables provided and worthless junk for what seems to pass as "Software".  Taking a look at this moronicly designed over-complicated USB port, REQUIRING me to buy YET another cable, just to see pictures pretty much ruined the entire experience.  Yes, I now need to BUY a simple $5 USB cable, because the so called WIFI just plainly does not function at all!


I've given up on this garbage.  I've given it to my wife now, I don't want this junk.  If she can't get it to work by tonight, It's getting shipped back tomorrow, and I'm buying the first camera that actually functions as advertised.


175 pages of user manual and it can't even do the simplest thing!




Feel better?

I have never had a problem downloading to my computers with any of my Canon Cameras.


You have left out 1 option: You can also get a card reader. Many computers (and monitors!) have them built in.


There is a learning curve for all the new point and shoot cameras as they are also capable of doing more than just point and shoot. But you dont have to use the other modes and settings just shoot in Auto. For $150 it is a lot of camera. Most point and shoot cameras user manuals are in the 100-250 page range. It takes a bit of time to work thru the basic operations I would give it a chance. As suggested you can use a card reader which is my choice for transferring to a PC. The product page does list the USB transfer cable is not included which in my opinion Canon should have just threw it in but they did not. I think once you get thru the initial frustrations you will be happy with the results, pictures, you will take....thats if your wife lets you have it back 🙂

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Kandaje,

Thanks for posting.


If you still have your camera, it accepts a USB to mini-B cable. The camera's USB terminal is located on the right-hand side of the camera (as you're holding it to take a photo) under a small door. These cables are normally available from camera and electronics shops, or camera or electronics departments in larger stores.


You may also purchase the Interface Cable IFC-400PCU from Canon or an authorized dealer. For assistance locating a suitable USB cable, please call our Canon Sales and Accessories Department at (800) 652-2666 between 8:00 AM and midnight ET, seven days a week. They will assist you with product information and dealer locations.

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Wow!  nearly 5 months and a Canon guy finally responds!  Gee!  Such a fast response!


Yeah, I ended up spending about as much on batteries, cables, memory cards, etc as I did on the 


Just so people know - The camera is basicly useless, unless you do.  Canon was too cheap to actually 

make this thing useful unless you were willing to keep dipping into your endless pockets.


I had to buy a cable because despite it saying it would wireless connect to my BRAND NEW ALIENWARE,

of course IT WOULDN'T!  So you MUST buy a NON-INCLUDED NON-STANDARD cable to make any use of the 

pictures, Which are Jpg's - that's all this cheap thing can do...


I had to buy a bunch of batteries, because you MUST keep the camera on ALL THE TIME when you 

use the NON-INCLUDED cable to transfer the pictures to the computer.  I say you must keep it on

because I think I've spent around $50 now on a number of completely USELESS so called memory card 

readers - that can't read anything.  The only nice thing is that one of those actually came with a nice short 

5 inch longfg cable - not 3 feet, that you can plug into the camera...


I must admit, it takes pretty good pictures for jpg's, and it's pretty handy for quick snap and shoots, as long as it's 

outside.  If you need flash, hope you have more batteries handy or pray you brought the battery charger.

The geniuses at Canon apparently forgot that a USB port provides power - but you can't charge the battery from it

like you can ANY phone in existence, or get pictures off the camera unless you have a fresh battery installed!


Despite taking decent pictures, this PIG is a complete money pit!


As it turns out, I ended spending as much money as I would have if I had just purchased a Sony Alpha

like I wanted to in the first place so I could use all my old Minolta film lenses.


This has been a complete disaster in my opinion.  I'll avoid any Canon product in the future...


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