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Memory Card Error".


While reviewing the photos on my Canon Powershot SD970is, I suddenly received "memory card error". I am using a SanDisk Ultra II 4GB card. The card is also no longer recognized by my computer. There are over 300 photos on the card I desperately need to recover. PLEASE HELP!!



Hi drarv!


Thanks for posting in the Canon Forum! The Forum is not intended for immediate help, but a place to allow for the Community to give you assistance and feedback. If this is an urgent support need, please CLICK HERE to reach our friendly Technical Support Team.



thsnk you Crista

 This page is on the Scan Disk website it mentions 2 rescue programs they recommend to reciover files form SD and Flash cards. They are demo versions that will at least tell you what is recoverable . There is also advice there too...

You can do a search for file recovery programs there are free ones too.


File Recovery Program

Thanks John I will check out the link.

Your welcome, that has happened to me before so I know that feeling...good luck to you !

I don't know what the program is that John given you.... should that not work, try downloading 'Recover My data', using a card reader see if it can find the files


At this stage we are only finding out if it can see them, if it does then you have another option other than messing about with the card.....  this program will let you see the files but not recover them unless you buy a license, the point is if it works you could always try looking for a 'freebie' program.


I've used this on a friends flash card to recover deleted data... I accidentally formatted a back up drive with all my PCB cad programs,  this was the first program I came across and didn't mind 'forking out' to recover them.


I was gobsmacked it had recovered any at all after a format!


Whatever you do don't try and write anything on the card or do a format should it allow you do otherwise you may overwrite the data you want.



Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. Since my SanDisk card was invisable to any of my computers or card readers, I have sent the card to the recommended firm in Florida that specialized in recovery from SanDisk cards. Keeping my fingers crossrg!

GOOD NEWS The firm in Florida, (L C Technology) was able to recover all my photos. In fact, they recovered every photo I had ever taken with my 4GB SanDisk card. Cost was $150 and well worth it. Here is the link that John gave me.   This link takes you to a SanDisk site,andt the link to L C Technology can be found near the bottom of the page. Good Luck and Thanks John !!!

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