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Managing Group Images SX720


I have a SX720 and like the camera. Nice size and features, and I get good pictures. When shooting in Auto mode is that it takes multiple shots, presumably with differing levels of exposure. This feels similar to HDR in other cameras, though I don’t see this term used and the shots don’t seem as different as I would expect if that was the feature. I’m not even sure how I am generating these multiple images. I’m not using continuous shooting or multiple effects. When I shoot in P mode, I just get one image.

When I display the images, I have a choice of seeing it is as one image or seeing each image individually. Transferring though results in all of the images downloading. 30 pictures turns into 150 or so images requiring me to go in and manually deleting all but one image.

I’m quite sure this all falls under “operator error” in terms of getting the outcome I’m desire, one image per shot (even better if it is an improved composite image). So my questions are:

1.    How do I turn this feature one and off when I shoot in Auto mode?

2.    How do I download just one image when I transfer to my computer or phone?

Any explanation of what this feature is supposed to do / how it works, would be most welcome as well. I’ve tried to find this information on the manual without luck (but feel free to point me to the information in the manual if I’ve overlooked it!).





Download a copy of the manual here if you don't have one...

Take a look at page 37 and see if this helps sort things out. There seems to be some funny continuous shooting monkey business going on here in Auto Mode and Hybrid Auto Mode. At least it looks like you can blame your kids for it, if you have any.

Thanks for the note. Yes, I looked at that section. At first I thought some mode like children was triggering a multiple pictures, but it happens too consistently for that (and most of my shots are outside landscape type pictures). 


There is information about viewing "group" images on page 92. It starts by listing page numbers for the ways one gets multiple group images, but none apply as far as I can tell. So I still don't know how or why I get them. But I can confirm that in Auto mode I either always get them, or at least most of the time.


As for viewing, I do indeed see just what they describe, a stack of images and the option to either view them as a group (ie, one picture) or as individual pictures. In either setting, however, they seem to download as individual pictures.


It's a mystery to me.






Look at the bottom of the LH column on page 37...



Down here in the fine print it looks like you may have the option to defeat this "feature".

My apologies for disappearing. I was traveling and it all slipped through the crack.


I really appreciate the helpful advice. I checked out everything suggested, but was not able to put my finger on the setting I needed to change. Realizing that I wasn't hearing from others experiencing the same thing, clearly this was something that I inadvertently changed. i reset camera settings to default, and sure enough, the issue disappeared. Still don't know exactly what I'd done, but given that it was a new camera, I was experimenting with various settings and obviously changed one that resulted in the multiple images. Anyway, all is well now and I am still quite happy with the pictures this little camera takes.


Thanks again!



Did you ever find out how to turn it on and off? I'd quite like to try it!

It's been a long time since I posted these notes. I still use the camera, but did not pursue the setting that controls this. You might want to review some of the suggestions offered in the thread as they suggest ways to turn this on or off. My experience might well have been a combination of settings which is why when I tried the things suggested, it made no difference. I do assume this has to do with something similar to HDR where multiple images with different exposures are then merged into a single image. Sorry I can't be more helpful.



thanks tom
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