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Macro focus problem


I am using a Powershot SX40 HS.

In Macro Mode when I try to focus on a flower, it focuses on the ground under it.

So the flower is out of focus.

How do I make it focus on the flower? 



Macro photography requires different shooting techniques that casual photography.  It requires a good understanding of photography, your camera, and most especially your lens.


What is MFD, minimum focusing distance, when your camera is in macro mode?  

How far away is the camera from the flower?  From the ground?


How much do you know about macro photography?  The most common complaint is that photos are out of focus.

"The right mouse button is your friend."





According to the Powershot SX40 HS manual:

"If you set the camera to (flower), it focuses on close subjects only. The focusing range is approximately 0–50 cm (0–1.6 ft.) from the end of the lens at maximum wide angle.”


So I cannot be holding the lens too close.


Also I wait till I see the “box” turn green.


My question is how to get it to focus on the flower in the center of the screen in the “box” instead of the ground, which is outside of the box.


I have taken some rather good macro photos with previous cameras.



The figure you cite cannot be correct. It cannot go to zero. MFD is typically measured from the image sensor.

I suspect that you are too close. Can you post a photo?
"The right mouse button is your friend."



Note it is from the front of the lens, not the film plane.


Try setting your Focus mode to Flexizone as described on page 87 of your manual then position the focus frame and frame size on your object as described on page 88 of your manual. Use a tripod/monopod whenever possible also for the best results. I own the SX50HS which is very similar to yours, I don't think you have the option of using a remote shutter switch but if you do then that will help a lot also. 





Someone finally read my question and answered it.


I will try this in the field soon.


But trying it on my desk indicates that shrinking the rectangle seems to have solved the problem.



Hi guys!


The closest focusing distance actually IS zero (meaning you can literally touch your subject to the lens), but usually, with PowerShots, you can't use the zoom at all, so you have to ensure you're zoomed all the way out, and physically get closer to your subject, then your camera should focus perfectly!


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Your very welcome bill !

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