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How to fix noise problem with Canon sx50 HS


I'm wondering why are all of my videos I record with my Canon sx50 HS so noisy as in fuzzy not sound. No matter how I change my Aperture, Iso, Shutter speed, it still doesn't make much of a difference. I still see noise throughout my videos. I have a room where my lights are good, 75 volts and I still can't get rid of it. Can anyone personally help with this issue?



For starters, I don't know how good of video is possible with the sx50.  It's a compact camera, so there will be limits.


As to the noise and/or fuzziness.  Depends on if it's noise, or fuzziness, but I suspect both would be caused by the same thing - lack of light.   Photography/videography takes a surprising amount of light.  When you're indoors you need a surprising amount of bright lights for good picture.  I'm not sure what you mean by 75 volts, but a 75 watt light isn't bright at all, not for a camera.  How does the video look if you shoot outdoor?


If a camera doesn't get enough light it's going to do three things - open up the aperture, raise the ISO, and increase the shutter speed.  Raising ISO adds noise, plain and simple.  Opening the aperture can reduce the amount of the photo that will be in focus, making things look fuzzy.  And increasing the shutter speed can allow movement to show, also making things fuzzy.  Without seeing your video it's hard to speculate which it is.

Yes, I meant 75 watts, I had a small room of white walls so I figured the lighting would be good, but what do you suggest would be better for lighting? And I get noise but much less than in the house. When I was reading reviews and articles it was said that this was a good camera for Youtube. I've seen other people use this camera on Youtube and their quality seems a lot better with drastically greater quality. Thanks you for your reply also I was really hoping to hear from someone about the issue.

You were right, it was finally a sunny day out here and I recorded lowering all three of those areas and the noise was completely gone. That being said I guess my solution would be to buy the LED light attatchment for the camera. It's a relief knowing the issue because without you saying that the lighting was I never would have managed and believe me I've been on many sites and did many searches. Thanks