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How to disable the anti-shake feature on a canon powershot elph 330 hs when taking video?


Hello Canon Users,

I have a question in regards to my Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS. Most of the time, I use this camera sitting down and talking into it. The Anti-Shake feature is excellent for taking video when moving around, but when sitting down, the following happens. When I move, the background moves a bit making the video very unstable and it looks horrible. Is there a way to disable the anti shake/image stability feature? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!



Press <MENU>, then choose [IS SETTING] = OFF.

Page 82 of your manual.

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Umm. It appears I don't have a page 82 in my manual... I have up to page 80, then after that is the spanish version. Also, The IS Mode = Off. I just tested this and still when I move, and the camera is still, the background moves slightly. Any idea how to fix this?

Is this IS mode only for taking pictures? Or does this disable IS mode for video too? 

I'm not sure about that on your camera, if your camera is on stable surface (table or tripod), does it shake slightly?

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See, what happens is, I have my camera on a stable surface (my tripod), Then, when I move, for example moving my hands or my body slightly, the background shakes a little bit. I don't know why, but I'assuming it has something to do with the stabilization. If stay perfectly still, the background will not move, and everything will be fine. But even the slightest hand gestures or body movement makes the background shake.

Even without touching the camera? I've not heard or read anywhere about this. Good luck, let us know if you figure out the reason.

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I really didn't want to put my face on this forum lol. But, for the sake of y'all seeing what I'm dealing with here. This is a short few second gif of me talking into the camera. Note, the camera is stationed on a tripod. If I stay perfectly still, the background will not move, because I am not moving. But when I move, the background moves. Here:

I don't know what the problem is 😕 It's kinda upsetting that this happens because I invested some money into this decent camera. I hope someone has the fix for this.

Even though this was from a while ago, I'm going to resurface the issue to see if anyone new can solve this.

Still, if I place the camera on a flat, stable surface, I sit in front of the camera, as I move around, or make gestures with my hands, or move my head, the background shakes a bit and its very noticable. It looks extremely unprofessional when I play it back or I need to produce a video for something. 

If anyone has a solution, please reply. I already tried enabling/disabling the anti-shake feature (the image stablizer), but im pretty sure it only applies to when taking a picture. 


Thank you.

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