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G9X Download Problem


After taking a few practice shots with my new G9X Mark II I attempted to download my images to my PC. Following the instructions in the manual resulted in this problem. The camera found my Wi-Fi network OK then jumped to the next screen asking me to select my device  which in this case my camera identified as my PC, "HP-Owner." When I selected it the next screen read:  Connecting, connected device: HP- Owner where the icon just spinned endlessly without connecting and going to the next step. Give me a clue. Can someone help me with this issue, please!


Rising Star

Your PC is not connected to wifi.


On the bottom right screen click on airplane icon and see if it is wifi connected.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Almc,


Thank you for posting.


Before you begin, please ensure the date (including the year), time (24 hour clock), time zone and daylight savings settings are correct and match the settings of the network you're you're using for the connection.


Please note: If you use a virtual private network (VPN) with your internet connection, if your connection is to an area outside your time zone, you may not be able to establish a wireless connection for your camera to your computer.  In a case like this, if you're unable to reconfigure your VPN settings (This is pretty uncommon.), we recommend the transfer of images, using your camera's USB terminal.


Next, have you installed "CameraWindow DC 8.10.9b for Windows" (at a minimum) from your camera's support site and registered on the Canon iMAGE Gateway (

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Thank you for your kind response! As it turns out, the 10 step process outlined on pp. 123-25 didn't play out exactly as depicted on those pages. After step 6, Choose PBC Method, a busy wheel just kept spinning leaving me unable to go on to the remaining steps 7-10. However I decided to take a side trip to the Control Panel and found out that in fact my camera did appear as a listed and found device. Clicking on the camera in the Device section began the download and all my pictures successfully downloaded to my computer. Yes, I downloaded all the software you mentioned in your post.

     After returning from two weeks in Northern California I had no trouble at all downloading over 300 photos to my computer. Although the Touch Screen operation is a nice feature, it does result in a lot of unintentional shots. The new Digic 7 processor was the reason I bought this camera and it didn't disappoint. It had great low light performance in the Monterey Bay Aquarium and was very quick to capture facial expressions that too often disappear quickly. If there is a rather irksome issue it's that menus tend to disappear in a virtual quicksand of other menus. I had trouble, for instance, finding the Scene options when Scn was selected. After a couple hours of fooling around I finally succeeded in doing so after resetting to original default settings.

     One more thing I wish the manual would explain in greater depth is the use of the ring in changing the focal length. Specifically why and what purpose and effect it has. All in all this camera is a monster and I mean that in a good way!


Kind regards...Alan Mc

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