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G7 X Mark III - battery dying after 2-1/2 hours when using Webcam Beta, any advice?


I am using a PowerShot G7 X Mark III hooked up to a MacBook Pro 13" directly with an genuine Apple USB-C cable. I am finding that the camera runs out of battery after 2-1/2 hours and shuts off. I thought the USB-C would be enough to operate the camera indefinitely; apparently not? Any advice?



Hi Chris,


I hear you! Got the camera today, set everything up and then realised that it is not charing while used as a webcam. 

It receives power if I switch to an USB C - USB C cable but in that case Windows 10 does not recognise the camera at all.


The video quality is great. But there's no audio therefore I keep using my old webcam's microphones and activate its video too whenever the battery of my G7X runs empty.


Not what I was hoping for, but to shoot semi-professional videos it's worth the trade-off.





Hey guys!


I'm not tech support, but I wanted to pop in and make sure you're all aware of the handy Getting Started Guide that is posted on the Live Stream microsite at


It points out that the "USB Power Adapter PD-E1 cannot be used at the same time as USB Interface Cable"


That would mean that you'd have to either charge the camera by USB or use the data transfer function (webcam) by USB. Instead, you'll want the "dummy battery," AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC110. 

Hi Stephen,


thank you. It would be a great improvement to an otherwise great product as it is, if one could use power and data transfer via USB at the same time. 🙂




My iPad Pro (12-inch) charging block will charge the camera via the USB-C port.

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