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G5X mk2 date/time reset when battery removed


I have a 2-year old G5X mk2. Recently I've noticed that the date and time reset and have to be entered any time the battery is removed. But ONLY the date and time. Other settings remain. I assume this an issue with the internal battery. I have found comments from Canon regarding other camera's internal battery being recharged by the regular battery, or being able to be recharged by plugging into power via USB for a period of time. Neither of these seem work in my case.
Furthermore, it would seem like more than just the date/time would reset if there is no battery power at all. If the internal battery is truly dead, I'd imagine it would be like a factory reset each time I change the main battery. But this isn't the case.

Anyone know anything about this? Whether it's some other issue, or if it's the internal battery, how one properly gets it recharged? Thanks.