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From my SX40 can I get HD videos like I see on youtube?


My videos are grainy and very disappointing compared to what I see in demos of SX40 on youtube.  Panning gives a very confusing effect, and there is some waviness in the video when seen on my monitor or on LG big screen.  Still pics are acceptable.


I called tech support shortly after buying it, but they were of no help.  I guess I should have returned it, but I was more interested in still photos and the 35x zoom at the time.  It's now 2 years old.



The grainy video is likely because you are shooting video in lower light.  I am not sure how much control the SX-40 gives you when shooting video but I suspect it is automatically selecting the shutter speed once you choose a video format.


Make sure that it is set to the full HD mode and that its image stabilization is selected since it sounds like you are hand panning.  Panning must be done smoothly and not too fast; a tripod makes it easier but with practice you can do pretty well without one.


But before going further, make sure it is set for normal HD mode and try shooting some video in a well lit situation.  The maximum sensor speed for the SX-40 is ISO 3200 and cameras generally don't provide high quality images at their maximum rated sensor speed so you want conditions that allow you to stay well below maximum ISO for highest quality.



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