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ELPH 330 HS or the ELPH 340 HS


I am looking for a camera outside my cellphone  Looking for something that is midrange in price as well as quality of the pictures and that is where I found the ELPH 330 HS. All thr reviews and video's I have read/watched have been nothing but good responses. So I was going to purchase the 330 HS but saw in March there is the 340 coming out. Spec wise they are different the 340 has more zoom/mega pixels. Doing a side by side comparison here I did notice and don't know if this makes a big difference the 340 has a Digic 4 processor and the 330 has a 5.


I am confused as to which one is better.  Part of me says go with the 330 HS.


Help a noob out lol 😃


Rising Star

Have you compared the difference? If not check this out




That's a great site for comparisons!! Thanks!

About the best comparison I've come across to date.


The only good I'd say is the 340 has a better LCD, more pixels here better the quality, but when it comes to sensors things can start go in a negative way  as smack53 points out.


I don't know where this pixels games going to end.... just a selling point to me, anything above about 12Mp is over the top for me, unless there is a reason you must have a high resolution,  allows you cut and crop better I guess.




The 330 has a brighter lens than the 340, and with less megapixels, this means the 330 will do better with lower light levels. Don't get caught up in megapixels unless you will be printing posters. If you are concerned with the zoom range, consider the focal length, not the zoom factor. The 340 is 25mm-300mm, and the 330 is 24mm-240mm. This means the 330 will get a slight bit more in the photo at wide angle, like for group shots, but the 340 will zoom just a bit futher at the telephoto end. The Digic processor just means the camera's internal computer to process the photos is more updated, and should be a little quicker from shot to shot. You might get another preset scene or two built in as well with the newer camera.


Either camera is a good choice, but for me, I would go with the 330 for the overall better performance with lower light levels, and the 340 if distant objects are what you are after.








I recommend the 330 because it has higher ISO, larger aperture, and more advanced chip. This means it takes better pictures in low light, and you will have to use the flash less so you get more natural looking pictures.

I think with the 340 they sacrificed picture quality for megapixels.

Thank you all for the feedback much appreciated and thank you for that comparison site too 🙂


I went ahead and placed my order for the 330 HS can not wait to get it and take some pics.


again thanks you all!!!



The WiFi function has been simplified on the 340 and has added NFC for connecting android devices. The 340 also offers remote shooting from a smartphone