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Connecting the canon SX50 to HDTV for video playback???


Connecting the canon SX50 to HDTV for video playback???


ok, Got this Camera, like it, except for a few confusing issues. I was told, in order to playback HD video onto my HDTV Samsung, with an HDMI4 on the left side of the TV, all I needed was a HDMI to HDMI cable.


 (#1) Shut off both TV and camera, plug the cable into this HDMI plugin, turn on the TV and Camera power supply, and it should recognize, then start paying.


Well, I did it both ways, (#1) shut off,then turn on, and (#2) I just inserted the camera's HDMI to the HDMI4 while both were on, and tried opening up the Samsung's' Tools >Inputs, etc, and still nothing!


Is there an easy way to accomplish this?


The second issue i'm having , is how to shut off the slow motion playback, when viewing the videos, which were not recorded in slow--mo, and it's frustrating trying to playback in normal speed, but instead it plays in slow-mo.



I'm not quite sure I'm recording in full HD...The payback is only 60i



Rising Star

I do this all the time when Reviewing to my 42" SONY BRAVIA. Works a dream.


Read page 220 of the SX50hs User Guide. Basically you need to setup the SX50 to send the signal. Get to the SX50 Menu and:


1] Select NTSC or PAL




2] HDMI Control.


What staggered me was that I could use my SONY BRAVIA Remote to control the SX50 - from the comfort of my SOFA!






Thanks grazie!

Well, i accomplished most of that and at least got the video on the display (Samsung Anynet HDMI3) But no sound!

I was also able to control the SX50 TV Display with my samsung remote, kool.


As far as the playbgack volume, I checked the camera, I did notice the OPERATIONAL SOUND was off, but when I played back the video on the camera itself, i did have volume.


On that subject of Slow motion videos, if i'm watching each video, then see one playing back in slow-motion, does that mean i actually filmed it in slow motion, without knowing? ( i can send it through Pinnacle Studio 15HD and speed it back up, but theres no background volume anyway)  if i did unknowingly videotaped in slow motion, i bettter be more observant in the future.


I'm going to increase that ''Operational sound'' on the tools / Camera and try to playback to see if I have any sound.


I have a Yamaha 7.1 reciever, and TV, BD player,Time-Warner cable all is connected to this receiver....I was pushing all buttons for inputs to see which one would work for sound with video, but could not find any.  Thanks, or grazie grazie!

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