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Color profile for PowerShot A610


I copy photos from my PowerShot A610 camera to my computer for editing, saving, and printing. I would like to know what color profile (like RGB or sRGB) Canon uses for this camera. I want to install a like color profile on my computer and printer so the colors display the same. Thanks for your help, Taryn.





Since the camera doesn't allow you to choose (and the choices for the top-end cameras are sRGB or AdobeRGB) the cmarea is almost certainly sRGB.

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AND if you don't have a monitor that can properly display Adobe RGB then you can't use it to it's full potential. When a Canon camera is producing files using sRGB the file number starts with a letter such as IMG. but when set to Adobe RGB it starts with an underscore as in _MG so everyone can tell which style of file was produced. .

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Thanks so much for your help and information. The images on my sd card use the IMG_1234.JPG file name and of course this camera doesn't give me a choice of color profile. sRGB works for my editing program and other devices, so I'm good. Thanks again :), Taryn