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Canon sx530 shuts off immediately after turning on

my PowerShot sx530 it turns of right after it turns on, I recharged the battery and that didn’t help. It was working fine for a year then in Malaysia while on travel just spontaneously decided to stop working one day and turned off. Now it only powers on for a millisecond before shutting down. I checked the lense to see if there was dirt in the ridges and that didn’t solve it. Maybe a fresh battery but part of me thinks it’s just defective now. Has anyone solved this problem?


Are you using a Canon battery or a third-party, non-OEM battery?


Are you using a full sized SD card or a micro SD with an adapter?

I am using a canon battery, and a full sized SD card no adapter 

Ok, how old is your battery? The least expensive solution to try is a new battery. Even though yours might indicate a full charge it may have lost its capacity and goes flat instantly when you boot up your camera.

The battery is only two years old? 

That battery is no spring chicken, 2 years is pretty good in camera battery years. All I can say is if I were you I would buy a new battery.


Check what BurnUnit said, try turning it on without the SD card but in any case use a full size SD card. Replace the battery with a new Canon made one

Ok I will try thank thank you! Hope that’s the fix!

I kind of doubt it, but how about the battery and memory card door switch? Try putting a little extra thumb pressure on the closed door when you try powering it up.

I tried that already the connection seems fine maybe I’ll call the support line